U R Special

Fostering self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle in at-risk children


What qualifies children for U R Special?

To qualify for U R Special, a child must:

  1. be between the ages of 3 and 9 when he or she attends our clothing distribution;
  2. be a resident of the City of Edmond (have an Edmond address) or attend an Edmond School; and
  3. be part of a family that falls within a low/moderate income bracket under HUD guidelines

Once a child turns 10, he or she is too old for us and is "graduated" from our program.

How do you determine whether a child meets the low-income qualifications to be eligible for U R Special?

Each year we obtain the current guidelines furnished by HUD to the City of Edmond, which establish the income levels—based on family size—that the federal government has determined to be in the low/low moderate category and therefore eligible for assistance. At the time of our clothing distributions, we have each child's parent complete a form certifying that their income falls within the HUD guidelines.

How do you locate the children who qualify for U R Special?

The families we serve are Edmond residents. We have a cooperative relationship with the Edmond Hope Center and Edmond's HeadStart schools, who furnish the names of needy and at-risk children, but we have no formal affiliation with any group. We also receive occasional referrals from Edmond Public School teachers familiar with our program. Although there are obviously needy children throughout our state, we do not distribute our clothing outside Edmond.

Are you affiliated with a church?

No. We have no formal affiliation with any denomination or congregation. We gratefully accept the personal and financial contributions of various churches, civic groups, clubs, college fraternities and sororities, and social service groups. Among those who have been long-term participants in the work of U R Special are seamstresses and workers from Edmond Church of Christ, First Christian Church of Edmond, First United Methodist Church of Edmond, Dayspring Church in Edmond, Life Church, and Crossings Community Church. Other Sunday School classes and youth groups from various churches help us from time to time. We serve all the eligible Edmond children who need us, without regard to race, religion, or ethnic background.

How can I help?

This is the best question of all! We have something for everyone to do. Depending on the interests and abilities of you and your group, we could use your help in:

  • designing dresses
  • sorting donated fabric
  • sorting donated notions, such as buttons, lace, zippers, trim
  • preparing packets for seamstresses
  • sewing dresses
  • shopping for jeans, shoes, shirts, socks, and underwear
  • requesting discounts, grants, and other assistance from merchants
  • public relations, including media exposure and presentations to civic, church, and other groups
  • acquiring (by purchase or donation) extra items for distribution to the children, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, pencils, and age-appropriate books
  • setting up for three 2-day distributions each year (moving boxes, tables, chairs, signs, etc.)
  • working a 3-hour shift on one of six distribution days (This job is the best one, because volunteers get to see the children's joyous faces and interact with the children as they "shop" for their new outfit.)
  • telling the "U R Special story" and raising money for us to buy the children's clothes.

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