Who We Help

Children ages 3-9

  • Boys and girls must have had their 3rd birthday and are eligible until they turn 10 years old.
  • Children must be present at the distribution to receive clothes. This is an important part of our mission to provide a positive experience for each child.

Live in Edmond, OK or attend Edmond schools

  • Parents/guardians must bring a utility bill that has an Edmond address to prove they live within the City of Edmond, or
  • Parents/guardians must bring the child’s report card if the child attends Edmond schools, but lives outside of the Edmond city limits.
  • This is a requirement for every distribution, even if the child has been in the program and/or received a notification postcard.

Parents/guardians must certify low income levels

  • At the beginning of every distribution, parents or guardians must certify that their household income levels are below HUD poverty guidelines.
  • Please come prepared to state the total amount earned by everybody in the household.
  • A sample form can be viewed here

We offer our service and love to the children and families in our community without regard to religion, race, or ethnic background.

Note: The CDBG Income Certification Form asks for race information. This is for HUD reporting purposes only and is a condition of receiving grant money that makes this program possible. It does not affect your eligibility in any way.